How long is the film?

Resilience is one hour long.

Is the film rated?

The film is not rated and contains no profanity.

Is it available for community screenings?

Resilience is currently available for community screenings and for EDU purchases through TUGG. See Buy The Film for more information. Follow Resilience’s festival tour on the Resilience and KPJR Films Facebook pages. If you sign up to receive updates on our website, you will be notified of all upcoming events.

What festivals has Resilience attended?

Resilience premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and has been accepted to the Sonoma Film Festival, the Santa Barbara Film Festival, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, the Cleveland Film Festival, the Rochester Film Festival, and the Minneapolis Film Festival. More festival dates coming soon!

How can we see Resilience at a festival?

Register on the Resilience website for updates and receive festival announcements and links to purchase tickets.

Is Resilience available for purchase?

Currently, Resilience is not available for purchase. Stay tuned for information on special event screenings, and sign up to receive updates on the release dates for Resilience.

How can I learn more?

If you have questions not answered here, please visit our Contact page and drop us a line.