Karen Pritzker is an editor, film producer and co-founder of KPJR films. She has executive produced three documentary films: The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia; Paper Tigers; and Resilience: The Biology of Stress and The Science of Hope.

Pritzker also serves as President of the Seedlings Foundation, which supports programs that nourish the physical and mental health of children and families.

“We made this film for the people whose job it is to put others first. The film will benefit anyone, but it is the teachers, doctors, police officers, and social workers we had in mind. Those who take their responsibilities so much to heart that they don’t make space for themselves.

But all work and no play takes a toll. 

Studies show that adults who regularly engage in activities of play are less likely to develop serious health issues and more likely to live longer. It turns out that when we make space for fun, we are not only happier, we are healthier.

The benefits of play are clear. The hurdle we must leap over now is giving ourselves—and each other—the permission to prioritize fun. To view play as a necessity…and a critical component of health and well-being.” — Karen Pritzker