How long is the film?

The film is 102 minutes long.

Is the film rated?

The film is not rated. It does contain some profanity.

If we host a community screening, can we charge admission?

Yes, Paper Tigers  community and theatrical screenings can be used as a fundraiser for any local nonprofit organization, subject to the filmmakers’ approval.

How do we publicize our screening?

On our RESOURCES page, you will find a link to our promoter resources that include sample emails, Facebook posts, press releases, tips, digital fliers, and all the info you’ll need to successfully promote your screening. We’ll also publicize your event on the Paper Tigers  website if you send us your event details. You can also create an RSVP page for free on the Tugg website if you are not charging admission – contact your Tugg rep for details.

Can a Paper Tigers representative attend the screening?

Depending on the location and timing of the screening, a Paper Tigers  representative may be able to attend your screening, for a speaking fee. However, we encourage hosts to bring in local experts and/or lead a postshow dialogue using the discussion guide located on our RESOURCES page.

What type of technology is needed to screen Paper Tigers ?

If you are hosting a theatrical screening, all tech details will be handled by the theater. If you are hosting a community screening, Paper Tigers  can be delivered in Blu-ray, DVD, or DCP format depending on your needs. The film should be screened in an auditorium-type setting that can be suitably dimmed and projected via a high-quality projector. The cinematography is spectacular and is best showcased in a dark room with quality technology.

Can I screen Paper Tigers more than once?

Of course! You can promote Paper Tigers  in the movie theater as many times as you want. If you would like to host a community screening, you will need to purchase a separate license for each screening.

I'm hosting a screening! When will I receive the film?

Our partners at Tugg will ship the film to you a week in advance of the screening. We ask that you return it within a week of your screening via the prepaid envelope they provide.

When will the Paper Tigers  Educational Purchase License be available?

The Paper Tigers  Educational Purchase License will be available to ship starting on March 15th, 2016 for K-12, University, Public Library and non-profit institutions. This license will allow your institution to keep Paper Tigers  and host multiple screenings of it in the future. Read more about screenings.