Amy Tan
A look at the life and work of author Amy Tan, one of America’s most respected literary voices.
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Playing For Keeps
Witness how play is a powerful antidote to stress through high-performing individuals who prioritize play as essential to a happier life.
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Paper Tigers
Captures the pain, the danger and the hopes of struggling teens–and the teachers armed with new science who are changing their lives for the better.
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Examining the emerging science around Toxic Stress and how it negatively alters the brains and bodies of children if left untreated.
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The Big Picture
The accounts of children, experts and iconic leaders to help clear up the misconceptions about dyslexia and give hope to those who have it.
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We like stories that affect mindsets. A good story can move people to think in a different way. It can change lives in ways no one ever expected. Every film we make has a potential ripple effect.